Lazarus Under Glass – distribution news

Some of you may have spotted some additional logos on the back of the Lazarus Under Glass artwork… and now we can come clean!

Partly Faithful are delighted to announce that we’ve signed a distribution deal with Danse Macabre Records in Germany who will be helping our debut album reach fans in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Greece! We’ve also teamed up with M&A Music Art/Sound Pollution who’ll be distributing our album in Sweden, Finland and Norway. If your local record store doesn’t have Lazarus Under Glass then please ask them to order it through the distributor.

In the UK, we’ll be distributing through Plastic Head Distribution, which means you’ll be able to find it on Amazon, and other online retailers. You’ll also be able to buy copies online at Music Non Stop, Resurrection Records and Trash Vogue Records as well as from our gigs.

Don’t forget, we also have a limited number of pre-order bundles left here: – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

You can also pre-order the album from our merch table at the Rattlesnake of Angel on Thursday 4 April (don’t forget to click “attending” on our Facebook event page to get on our £4 cheaplist!). All pre-orders made directly through us will get you a free download of the album track ‘Stop’ as well!

Lazarus Under Glass Cds, stripped and laid bare for your viewing pleasure.

Lazarus Under Glass Cds, stripped and laid bare for your viewing pleasure.


Update from PF HQ!

As we’ve been somewhat pre-occupied with work for our upcoming “The Beehive” EP release this Monday, we thought it might be fun to take a quick break and recap what is going on in Partly Faithful world.

As mentioned, our second EP will go live on Monday 1st October. From this date you will be able to buy the EP from live shows and various outlets, including Rough Trade, Music Non Stop, Resurrection Records and Sounds For Sure. While we’ll be removing it on Monday, there is still time to take advantage of our own pre-order package.. an opportunity to get a download of the title track within 48 hours, your own copy of the EP with artwork signed by the band with a badge pack thrown in.. all lovingly hand posted by us on Monday!

Shortly after the EP release date, we’ll also be releasing a few official Beehive EP videos to complete your audio-visual pleasure.. with more to come later in the month 😉

For the completists out there, digital versions of our debut EP, “Partly Faithful” can still be bought from various sites, including our own Bandcamp site which also host downloads of our very first two songs, “Scribbles” and “Aeroplanes”.

This Sunday, Partly Faithful will be one of the bands featured on Optical Radio in their 9pm show this Sunday (30th September).. here’s a LINK if you want to tune into The Beehive action.

Here’s a quick run-down of upcoming live shows:

9th October – Partly Faithful @ The Macbeth, London
HOBO Presents ..Partly Faithful and The Diamond Lights (3rd act headliner TBC).

18th October – Partly Faithful @ The Buffalo Bar, 259 Upper Street, London
Chamber Presents.. Partly Faithful, The Gaa Gaas and the Falls.

3rd November – David J. (Bauhaus/Love And Rockets) @ Electrowerkz, London.
Featuring support from Joe Black, ZEROSIGNAL, Partly Faithful and Red Sun Revival.

We’re also currently negotiating a few rather exciting dates outside London, more information on those when we have it 🙂

See you all out there soon!

Video showing our opening number at the Really Red Roar Festival last Sunday!

Anouska Haze living up to her name.. literally.. at the Really Red Roar Festival last Sunday!
(It’s 3D Stereo HD footage.. click through to YouTube if the proper options don’t appear.. you can even turn the 3D off)

We’ll be opening our next show supporting Cold In Berlin at their album launch show this Friday upstairs @ The Garage, London.

We’re due on stage at 8pm prompt!

You can buy your tickets here:

Our Facebook event is here: