A General Status Update

Hi all,

Just stopped by to dust off the Partly Faithful blog and give you all something of an overdue status update.

As you might have deduced by now, the band are pretty much dormant at the moment. While we enjoyed playing shows to you all and hope you enjoyed us in return, we’ve always struggled to keep a stable lineup together and finally decided to call it a day as a creative group after Anouska left the band and our drummer was due to move to foreign climes.

Thanks to everyone that played and recorded with the band as members or guests… Gemma Thompson, Chris Blake, Belle Star, Ed Tuke (erm, thanking myself?), Anouska Haze, Matt Burrows, Steve Williams, Kaoru Sato, Murray Fenton, Simon Rippin, Lenny Verralis, Nenad Kostadinovski and Jason Lipscombe (hope I haven’t missed anyone out!).

Thanks to Natasha Scharf for much of the behind the scenes organisation, management and sterling help with the merchandise stall x

Final thanks to all you people who bought our things, came down to the shows and generally made the entire thing worthwhile 🙂

If you’d like to help us out of our the financial penury and still haven’t bought all our music you can still head over to our Bandcamp page and buy digital copies of our two EPs, “Partly Faithful” and “The Beehive” as well as both digital and physical copies of our debut album “Lazarus Under Glass”. The shop is well and truly still in business 🙂

In the meantime, don’t forget to Patronize me at My Creator Page and check out my side project Forgotten Between (new EP release due this year), KAYVS (currently on hiatus), Weird Sex (featuring Chris and Kaoru) and Chris’s rock and roll spectacular, The Sly Persuaders.

Some much for love and friction..

Ed x




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