Lazarus Under Glass – male backing vocals

As a select few of you may already know, we were fortunate to be able to use the unique vocal talents of Jason Lispcombe (frontman with Clockwork Era) for all male backing vocals on the forthcoming ‘Lazarus For Glass’ album.
‘Amen’, ‘Big Bang Medicine’, ‘Hatchet’ and especially ‘We Are Insect’ all feature his backing vocals and give the tracks that added vocal punch through the Haze effect guitars.

Everyone at Partly Faithful HQ would like to thank Jason for agreeing to help out 🙂

Clockwork Era are playing at the Rhythm Factory (16-18 Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1EW) tomorrow, so you can all pop down and get a taste of his vocals being ‘delivered with vitriol, resentment and anger’ 🙂

Clockwork Era’s Homepage:

Event link to the Clockwork Era show (Wednesday 6th March) below:


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