New update!

Hi all!

Just a quick update from Partly Faithful HQ.
After our recent flurry of shows with our new lineup all seems quiet on the surface of the deep, deep Partly Faithful pond. However, hidden in the murky mire, there is a veritable frenzy of activity.

This weekend we are filming for our official “Needles” video to coincide with the Beehive EP launch in October. As well as this video, we’re also working on a few more low-budget affairs to accompany the EP launch with visual splendour.

Plans are underway for a series of live shows around the UK to accompany the launch in October and there’s still plenty of room for more dates. So if you know of any promoters or are a promoter pretty much anywhere in the UK and think your neck of the woods could use some Partly Faithful action then please get in touch on and we’ll see if we can’t give you a good deal 🙂

Also, within the next couple of days we’ll be finally making pre-orders for The Beehive EP available from our main website. The exact shape and smell of these pre-order deals has yet to be finalised, but will certainly include an immediate download of the title track. In the meantime, digital copies of our first EP, ‘Partly Faithful’ are still available around the web.. including from our own bandcamp site HERE.

Keep your eyes peeled.. more PF news soon! 🙂


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