Whitby Goth Weekend

We deeply regret that we have been forced to disappoint our friends and fans by “pulling out of” the Whitby Goth Weekend.
Unfortunately, Joanne Hampshire, the organiser, has a longstanding grudge against our drummer Belle over an incident involving another person in another band at another place, many years ago.
Although Whitby Goth Weekend first asked us to play at the April event in September 2011 and we have had a signed contract with them since December 2011 (at which time we also provided our full crew list) she hit us out of the blue on 31 March with an ultimatum that unless we remove Belle from our lineup, we don’t play. Although this breach of contract on her part will harm us financially and professionally, we are not prepared to betray a friend, colleague and professional drummer to pander to somebody else’s ill-will. Belle is fundamental to the sound on our current EP and our live shows. Even if it had been possible to make such an unwarranted lineup change at such late notice, it would not only be unfair to Belle, but also also to the Whitby audience to compromise our show in this way.
We have tried to negotiate a reasonable compromise but without success. We’re sorry we’ve been forced into this ridiculous situation, but hopefully you can catch us a our other upcoming gigs and it looks like we’ll need to settle this matter in court.

EDIT – This issue has now been satisfactorily resolved between both parties and, while it is still a shame that our show could not go ahead as scheduled, we have reached a financial settlement. Time to move on 🙂


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